How Can I Resolve Outlook Error 0X800C0133?

Outlook Error 0X800C0133 can be resolved easily with Outlook Recovery software. Almost all the errors of Outlook corruption can be resolved with this software. While resolving Microsoft Outlook Error 0X800C0133, Error 0x800ccc15, this software retrieves all inbox emails with actual attachments and properties like subject, cc, bcc, body, sender’s name, day & time. You can perform Outlook data Recovery during all situations of corruption with this software. You can also recover deleted emails with this software.

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"An unknown error has occurred. Account: Example, Server:, Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure (SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C0133"

This above error message occurs when the no. of emails in Outlook PST file becomes large in size. Due to this, the Outlook PST gets corrupted, you face problems in downloading emails, the emails of inbox folder get disappeared, etc. When the PST file gets corrupted due to this, you become unable to access emails, attachments, notes, calendar, etc of Outlook. You become unable to perform different tasks like sending and receiving emails, moving emails from one folder to another, deleted emails, etc. The size limit of PST file in earlier versions of Outlook (97, 98, 2000 and 2002) is 2GB while, the PST file in recent versions can grow upto 20 GB (2003, 2007 and 2010 32 bits).

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Here’s one testimonial of the users, who comfortably fixed the Outlook Error 0X800C0133 with Outlook File Recovery software.

I am Connor. Few days back, when I tried to access the database of my Outlook, I got some unknown error. I asked experts about that error and I got to know that the PST file of my Outlook has got corrupted due to large no. of emails. I asked them for a resolution and they referred me a recovery tool. They said that I have to use a repair tool for it. After knowing this, I started searching for recovery tools online. I found Outlook Repair after sometime. I used it and I got superb results. I comfortably fixed that error message with it.