Tool for Scanpst Repair Process and then for Recovery

Corruption in Outlook can be dealt with Scanpst.exe Utility: Outlook users very well know that after corruption, Scanpst.exe utility can be used which is actually an inbuilt utility. As the name suggests, it tries to repair and scan .pst file. It works efficiently and determines mail headers, references and directory structure. Once the process completes, ScanPST.exe Microsoft utility will give the information on errors found and then offer you to repair .pst file.

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Disadvantages with this Repair Scanpst Utility: At times, it is not the successful way to deal with corrupted PST files. Certain disadvantages go with this utility like:

  • Unable to Correct Problem: There are situations when this utility unable to correct the issue with PST file
  • Unable to Recover Messages: With this utility, at times you are unable to recover deleted .pst messages.
  • Wrong Reports: Sometimes, it sends wrong reports and no errors in PST file but Outlook complains for errors.
  • Chances of Data Loss: Utilizing this utility, there are chances of losing too much of Outlook PST data at the time of recovery. 

What if this Utility does not Work? Considering disadvantages of Scanpst.exe free inbuilt, users cannot take risks with their important data, so they rely on professional tool to scan the PST file.

How to Scan PST?

An efficient Scanpst Repair tool to scan the PST file is Outlook Recovery software. Using this application, complete scanning is done. After scanning the PST files hierarchical order will remain the same as it was before scanning and after scanning, it will recover PST files which have become corrupted. Scanpst Repair tool is compatible with most Outlook editions like Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007 & 2010.